Friday, November 20, 2009

K.E.N.T is moving on..



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What Would You Do If It All Ended Tomorrow?
Time Running Out, Ain't No One You Can Borrow
So Many Paths, which one you gonna follow?

Uh, this is how it go down!!
I have the black-pound-silence so it don't make sound.
I pile a 150 outta town, aint nobody around.
Im in the back seat breakin it down.
My love has been a past week dawg lately I found.
Our press made us turn the radio down.
But God bless now they talkin bout layin me down.
Now they on about shovels in the weight of the ground.
What now?
Preachin on the way that they handle thing.
Watin patiently to do the 6-foot Same Thing.
Now, so I take a second look at my life.
I made too many mistakes that I just couldnt make right.
Should've been more focused than I take things light.
When I'm gone this is what ya'll will say I was like.
American fool, no not that baddest or cool.
Just a big fish caught up in the shallowish pool.
Not a big name playa, in fact its true.
Never wanted this shit without the kats he knew.
He got lucky rode the co-tails of everyones fame.
In two weeks aint nobody gon' rememba his name.

Fuck It!!

I'm ready to go, I done made records.
Made monetary often that flow.
More importantly though, I proved everyone wrong.
Its all over regardless what you say when Im gone.
What now?

I want ya'll to feel the wound, its the truth in my words.
I been quiet for too long, the truth should be heard.
It was a while back, 10:20 in the morn'.
Kat should up on my lawn in the rug-ed uniform.
Unexpected, theres a knock on my door.
I met this fool in the club, I don' see him before.
Open to great him, but the second he sees me.
His eyes buckle, his voice is uneasy.
But it's cool, I didn't even catch it at first.
I check his shoulder, homie's rockin a purse.
Now I know something's tricky, but I'm already sitting down.
Homie pipes up, you should hear what he's spittin out.
Says I've been sleepin wit his wifey.
And he ain't the type of kat to take that shit lightly.
I made a move and he told me homie wait.
Reached in his purse pulled a chrome 38.
He asked me if I'm ready to die.
Said he was gonna pull my brains all over the sky.
Said he was leavin the country, and he was straight with the
Cocked the hammer, I'm thinkin my last thoughts.
I'm in a bad way, nothin could save this.
I close my eyes hopin it's painless.
Just waitin for the sound, ready to swallow too.
But homie havin trouble with his follow through.
By a miracle, I avoid the chalk ground.
Homie's confused, he just wanna be talked down.
His wife is sleepin through town and he knew it.
Picked me outta the crowd but couldn't do it.
Just lost it, and as he's walkin away.
I realize life is short so I'm markin the day.
Now it's full speed ahead, I'll rest when I'm dead.
And I could give a Fuck what the next man said.
I live how I wanna live.
Buy what I wanna buy.
Do what I wanna do.
Try What I wanna try.
Fear nothin, take chances.
Not afraid to fail, always makin advances.
So when I ride on the Grim Reaper Highway.
No regrets bitch, I did it my way.